Effortless movement is at the heart of the human experience. However, over time we lose our natural movement potential and we become set in our body’s dysfunctions. We become stuck in patterns that are inhibited, constrained and inefficient leading down a path to bodily decay. We can’t hike as far, move as fast, or play as long as we want to with our children or grandchildren. Some call it old age, but the wiser ones recognize it doesn’t have to be this way.

This is the How

I work with motivated clients who aspire to enhance their ability to connect, move and feel better in their body. The work is client centered and is focused on opening, lengthening, breathing, connecting and feeling whole again. This is done through the AIM process which stands for align, integrate and move.


Identify areas of postural and movement dysfunction and correct areas of restriction/inhibition through hands on work to balance the structure, align joints, and lengthen muscles and connective tissue called fascia.


This phase is about connecting the dots, reestablishing neuromuscular patterns that create connection, support and solidarity throughout the entire body.  It’s a holistic approach which balances the entire structure rather than focusing on one point of pain.


To increase awareness of new movement potential and to create new patterns of movement that allow for less effort, more fluidity and higher performance.